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Retention Guide

Storing tax records: How long is long enough? Check out our retention guide.


IRS Forms

The Tax Organizer is a simple form that is easy to fill out and will provide all of the necessary information to prepare your taxes. Download the Tax Organizer here.


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Form Type

Product Description

Form 1040


Form for 1040

Form 1040 (Schedule 8812)


Form for 1040 (Schedule 8812)

Form 1040 (Schedule A)


Form for 1040 (Schedule A)

Form 1040 (Schedule B)


Form for 1040 (Schedule B)

Form 1040 (Schedule C)


Form for 1040 (Schedule C)

Form 1040 (Schedule C-EZ)


Form for 1040 (Schedule C-EZ)

Form 1040 (Schedule D)


Form for 1040 (Schedule D)

Form 1040 (Schedule E)


Form for 1040 (Schedule E)

Form 1040 (Schedule EIC)


Form for 1040 (Schedule EIC)

Form 1040 (Schedule F)


Form for 1040 (Schedule F)



Township Links


Ada Township City of Grandville
Algoma Township (Rockford) Grand Rapids Township
Allegan Township City of Grand Rapids
Allendale Charter Township City of Holland
Alpine Township City of Hudsonville
Bowne Township Jamestown Township
Caledonia Township Kent County
Cannon Township City of Kentwood
Cascade Township Plainfield Township
City of Cedar Springs
City of Walker
City of East Grand Rapids
City of Wyoming
Gaines Township Social Security Number Verification
Georgetown Township